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Road forwarding


Transport drogowy

Our key product is the road forwarding. We offer the realization of the whole logistic process from the point of the transport order, through the freight collection, to its delivery to the recipient. We also guarantee the professional advisory in choosing the best transport option and customs clearance place, comprehending the customs procedure itself, and determining the right place of the cargo storage.

Apart from the full-vehicle forwarding we also realize part-vehicle forwarding of many kinds. Loads smaller than the whole car are bound together and delivered directly to the recipients without the need for reloading. Our offer also includes the transport of dangerous goods (ADR).

In one vehicle we can combine a few loads for many recipients or a few loads for only one recipient (dedicated connection). At your request we also organize the transport of general cargo – from 50 kg.

Main directions

We realize the full- and part- vehicle loads in the whole Europe. Apart from the EU countries we deliver our cargo to the countries of the former Yugoslavia. (map)

Means of transport

At our disposal there are solid and modern vehicles meeting the highest standards of the pollution emission.

  • Standard semitrailers

    dimensions: 13,60m*2,45m*2,6m0 (length, width, height)

    burden 24-25 tones, capacity 85m3, 33 europalettes

  • MAX type semitrailers

    Dimensions: 13,60m*2,45-2,47m*2,60-2,78m

    burden 24-25 tones, capacity 90-93m3, 33 europalettes

  • MEGA type semitrailers

    dimensions: 13,60m*2,47m*2,95m

    burden 24 tones, capacity 100m3, 33 europalettes

  • assembly


    burden 24-25 tones, capacity 120m3, 38 or 76 europalettes

  • freezer


    burden 22 tones, capacity 85m3, 33 lub 66 europalettes

  • coilmulde


    burden 24-25 tones, capacity 85m3, 33 europalettes

  • tipper trucks


    burden 25 tones, capacity 55m3, 25 europalettes

  • delivery trucks


    burden1,5 tones, capacity 9m3, 4 europalettes

  • delivery trucks


    burden 2,5 tones, capacity 33m3, 10 europalettes

Industry solutions:

We are experienced in the following branches of industry:

  • building industry
  • machine-building industry
  • automotive industry
  • electronics industry
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • clothing and textile industry
  • food industry
  • furnishing industry
  • ADR
  • and other

Yet we are open to take up new challenges on the different markets.

Key competence

We guarantee high quality service. We ensure:

  • Rich experience
  • Reliability
  • Timeliness and the best quality of deliveries
  • Various means of transport
  • Wide range of services
  • Adjusting the services to the individual customers
  • Friendly staff
  • Low prices
  • Safety
  • Trust
  • Long-term and fruitful cooperation