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Customs handling


Customs handling

We provide Professional customs service in an extended network of customs agencies situated inside the country, in the sea ports and at European Union rail border crossings.

  • We have at our disposal bonded warehouses at our branches
  • We make customs declarations with the use of simplified procedure
  • We have an AEO Certificate – Customs Simplifications

Our offer includes customs handling as for European customs system functioning on the basis of the Community customs Code, administrative regulations, and Polish customs law. We guarantee the extensive representation of our customers before the customs administration.

We cooperate with the network of customs agencies in the country and on the boarder of the EU.

Our customs shipments service offer:

  • Full service customs declarations to all procedures
  • A wide range of simplified procedures
  • Comprehensive support for the Community market - INTRASTAT
  • Possibility to use security Duty and Tax
  • Temporary storage facility and place deemed
  • Flexibility in adapting to the needs of clients

For detailed information please send us the enquiry under the following address: